Learn to groom your own dog

If you are interested in learning to groom, trim and style your own dog, Regency Grooming can help.

During your private lesson, you will learn how to groom, trim & style your dog from start to finish.  Even if you decide after the lesson that trimming your dog yourself is not for you, you can still take away useful information such as how to trim nails, clean ears and effectively groom out your dog’s coat, which all keep your dog in tip top condition between professional trims.

You will be welcome to take notes and ‘before & after’ pictures, and all equipment and overalls will be supplied.

The lesson will cover:

  • Health checks
  • Bathing and drying techniques
  • Clipping/scissoring or stripping techniques appropriate to your breed
  • Nail trimming & ear cleaning


You will need:

  • Your dog!
  • Pen & paper
  • Camera


The lesson will take place outside your own home in our purpose built grooming van and will be up to 3 hours long.  All we need is somewhere fairly level to park and somewhere to plug our cable in for the electrics.  Hot water is already on board!

If you’d like to find out more information, or get booked in, please feel free to contact us.